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ChangeNOW in Paris

Miyabi Bamboo Charcoal (me!) recently had the opportunity to attend the ChangeNOW summit in Paris. It was a huge event with multiple keynote speakers, panel discussions, booths displaying new products, and even a pitch session to promote your product to investors. There was an exciting spirit of sharing and connecting among all the attendees who were there to find solutions to the world's challenges.

I was there not as a participant, but as an observer. Would this be a good place to showcase Miyabi Bamboo Charcoal?

I'm not sure. Bamboo charcoal is an old "technology." Really, it's a method for removing toxins by way of adsorption. Historically, charcoal was used to adsorb toxins in the stomach. I was in a room of high-tech solutions, but Miyabi is a low-tech solution that is as old as the hills. How is that a good fit?

I decided that we need a forum for also going back to the basics. Things that we used to do but have now forgotten. When I found out about bamboo charcoal's utility for removing particles from drinking water, it was the elderly who told me. "This is what we do in the old days. Now everyone just buys their drinking water in plastic bottles. Or those plastic pitchers that filter water."

Maybe ChangeNOW will have a section on old technologies for tomorrow!

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