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Zero-Waste Chef recommends Miyabi Bamboo Charcoal

February 28, 2018

We are huge fans of the zero-waste movement. Leaders in this movement are educators, experimenters, and committed activists. When Zero-Waste Chef recommended Miyabi Bamboo Charcoal, we were thrilled, because we follow her recommendations as a habit! Please check out her amazing blog for lots of important information about how to live a #zerowaste life. And see how she uses bamboo charcoal to filter her tap water! 

Bottled water is banned from Zero-Waste Chef's kitchen. Ban it from yours too! (Along with filters with plastic cartridges.) 

NO coffee pods. (We don't understand these at all!) No paper towels or paper napkins. No plastic bags or saran wrap. Once you get in the habit, these zero-waste bans are easy. 

Clean Living Guide

May 26, 2018

Amazing blog - Clean Living Guide - did an in-depth review of Miyabi Bamboo Charcoal. Please check out this blog for more amazing tips about how to live clean - for your health and the environment. 

Santa Barbara Magazine

October 31, 2016

Chef Ariane Aumont of Le Picnic  produced an amazing New Year's feast in Ojai that was featured in Santa Barbara Magazine. See how Miyabi Bamboo Charcoal can be used in a large container of water for your home or a party!

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