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Bamboo Charcoal for Air Purification 【New Product】 

Try our new product line ups. Bamboo Charcoal for Air Purification.Bamboo Charcoal has many small micro holes,                    They effectively adsorb moisture, ammonia, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide etc

■How to use

Rinse charcoal with water and dry before use. Put charcoal into a net bag or on a dish depending on the application. In case you feel the smell adsorbing effect diminish,please rinse and dry Charcoal again. Effect lasts 3 to 5 months.If effect of Charcoal is completely gone, you can use for compost or gardening


Put 300 to 500 g of charcoal in a net bag and place under the seat of the car or in the door pocket,.

It takes odor of the seat and smell of the air conditioner etc. 



Put Charcoal 100 - 300 g in a net bag etc and place it in vegetables room or freezer.

Besides deodorant effect, Charcoal adsorbs ethylene gas which accelerates aging vegetables and fruits

to make food last longer.



Place 300 g - 1 kg of Charcoal in the corner of the floor of the toilet. It adsorbs the smell of sewage and

ammonia. You can put 100 to 300 g of Charcoal in a tank. Water particles become finer and the toilet

blemishes less, and cleaning becomes easier.



Put Charcoal in net bag and place it in your shoes. It takes humidity and odor in the shoes.



Put 300 - 500 g of Charcoal in a net bag and place it in drawer, it adjusts humidity,decomposes fungi

and  keeps bugs away.



Put 300 - 500 g of Charcoal in a net bag and place Charcoal in an animal hut or toilet, it adsorbs

the smell of animals

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